Tuesday, April 9, 2013

spring pea soup with pancetta and rosemary

Spring is here!  And I'm celebrating everything green.  And creamy, crispy, crunchy.  Even though we never eat peas, I've revisited the vegetable harbinger of spring.  It's the time of year to try new things.  Vibrant green spring pea soup with crispy pancetta, sourdough croutons, and tangy creme fraiche.

And, well, it's actually good.

There are a couple of ways to serve this soup:  warm with croutons and pancetta, or chilled and creamy with the addition of greek yogurt or creme fraiche... and also with croutons and pancetta.  In other words, don't skip the delicious croutons and pancetta.

I've used rosemary here because I love it.  But you can certainly use mint, as many recipes do, or skip the herbs during cooking and stir in some chives at the end.  It's totally up to you, of course.  My version of spring pea soup follows.