Sunday, April 27, 2014

simple sesame kale salad

Have you heard you are supposed to eat more kale?  Snack on it like chips?  Put it in your breakfast cereal?  Cole slaw?  And drink it, apparently?  It doesn't have to be sneaky.  Greens are good for you-- crispy or juiced, braised or raw.

This salad doesn't pretend to be anything it's not:  it's kale, and it's healthful.  Keep it simple.

The surprise comes in the dressing.  These are heavy duty greens:  bottled dressing won't cut it.  Be adventurous and make your own.  It's fast, and you can adjust all the ingredients for the flavors you like best. Fresh garlic, honey, tahini sesame paste, and dark tamari soy sauce come together to create a tangy and savory combination that balances out any bitterness in the kale.

The result is a serious salad and all the bragging rights.  In about 6 minutes flat.  The recipe follows.