Tuesday, November 8, 2016

pumpkin cupcakes

Here it is:  a little hope and cupcakes in a crazy time.

I was up early this morning, piping cream cheese frosting on the domes of these perfect little pumpkins before work.  They have just the right blend of fall spices, plenty of pumpkin, and delicate sweetness.  If you eat one before noon, it's hearty enough to call it a muffin and be fine with that.  No crazy ingredients or difficult technique:  just a reliable, delicious cupcake.  Don't you feel better already?

When I set out to make brown butter rice krispie treats and these pumpkin cupcakes for our son's preschool teachers, I was shocked to discover that I have not shared this recipe with you yet.  How can that be?  These tiny cakes have commemorated some wonderful fall occasions in my life, including a post-rehearsal bonfire party the night before my dear friend Alison's wedding on Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland.  It's hard to top that.

But I'm feeling festive, and they are delicious, so we are celebrating on a Tuesday.

There's more.  We have another baby on the way.  It's such an adventure and a privilege raising this sweet little toddler boy, and we are so excited to meet his baby brother in January.  What a joy!  I can hardly believe it when I write the words.  I haven't even gotten used to saying "I'm a mom" yet, but I love the job and all the responsibility and fun and laughter and snot and crackers that it carries.  We are, every day, on a journey of discovery and patience and forgiveness and love with these little dudes.

There's even more to celebrate today, too.  It's election day, and I voted for principles I care about in my state and an accomplished and qualified woman to lead our country.   I'm over the fear and the anxiety.  It feels amazing to shatter that glass ceiling.  (Although I freely admit I will be stress eating the cupcake uglies and the extras tonight while the election results roll in.)

I'll spend just another moment to say we really, really love our son's school.  We want to say thank you to this incredible team of women who care for children in a loving, kind, and respectful way.  It's a true community that inspires warm fuzzies in our hearts every single day he is at school.  And friends, I know from (prior) personal experience that daycare can be a total racket, so I don't take any of these gifts for granted.  We love and celebrate this community.  Cupcakes can't fully convey our gratitude, but it's a start and they are yummy.

So today, I choose love and hope and pumpkin cupcakes.  Let's do this.  The recipe follows.